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LifeFitness G3 - CM3 Cable Motion Gym (GRATIS VERZENDING)
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De LifeFitness Parabody CM3 Home Gym biedt zeer functionele krachttraining met Cable Motion™ Technology

CM3 Home Gym

- When you have cable motion, you have unlimited ways to workout. The ParaBody CM3 is a multi-dimensional training tool for improving nearly every aspect of your daily life

- New features like high and low swivel pulleys for 360-degree range of motion and an adjustable back pad for exercise variety, as well as Quick Lock cable attachments and adjustable handles, make getting a full-body strength workout even easier. Improve everyday activities, on-the-job performance, athletic ability—you name it, the CM3 can help you achieve it

Key Features

- Virtually unlimited cable exercise variety recruits all major muscle groups on multiple planes for better results in less time

- Strengthens core stabilizing muscles used in sports and daily activities

- Easy to adjust from exercise to exercise

- Swivel high and mid pulleys provide an umlimited range of motion

- Adjustable back pad ensures correct positioning for a variety of exercises

- Space-efficient design ideal for small places in your home

- Ergonomically-designed to mimic your body''s natural path of motion

- Durable, quality components ensure long product life

- Included accessories: Revolving low row bar, ankle strap, two pairs of soft strap handles, and 160-lb. (73 kg) weight stack

- Optional accessories: Leg press/calf raise, lat bar, 50-lb. (23 kg) add-on kit, and weight stack shroud (Note - CM3 shown with optional weight stack shroud)

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