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Powerbreathe Welness Plus (GRATIS VERZENDING)

Powerbreathe: Verbeter uw ademhaling en prestaties in 4 weken!

De Powerbreathe, al langer in gebruik bij topsporters, is nu voor iedereen beschikbaar. De unieke weerstandstraining zorgt voor sterkere en beter getrainde ademhalingsspieren. Hierdoor is meer zuurstof beschikbaar voor dagelijkse activiteiten en sportsprestaties!

Training van de inademhalingsspieren en de positieve effecten op het gehele ademhalingssysteem leiden tot betere prestaties bij o.a. hardlopen, wielrennen, roeien, zwemmen en duiken. Meerdere wetenschappelijke onderzoeken tonen het nuttig effect van deze vorm van training bij (top)sporters, maar ook bij mensen met astma en Copd. Iedereen kan op eigen kracht zonder medicatie binnen 4 weken een positief effect bereiken!

Dit revolutionaire systeem instrument, ontwikkeld in Engeland en meermalen bekroond, breekt nu ook door in Nederland. Drie modellen zijn leverbaar: groen voor ouderen en mensen met astma of Copd, blauw passend in een actieve leefstijl en bij verbetering van de fitheid en rood voor (top)sporters die het maximale uit hun lichaam willen halen

Powerbreathe Welness

The POWERbreathe Wellness model has been shown to reduce breathlessness and bring new-found freedom to people who, because of illness or advancing age, are restricted by shortness of breath.

- Ideal for those with asthma, emphysema & other breathing difficulties

- Relieves breathlessness & improves quality of life

- Proven drug-free results in 4 weeks

- Inspiratory muscle training, such as with POWERbreathe Wellness, is clinically proven to improve symptoms, exercise tolerance and quality of life in major debilitating conditions such as: Asthma, Emphysema, Bronchitis, Heart failure

How many of us get out-of-breath walking upstairs, running for a bus or walking the dog? There can be many causes of breathlessness, such as illness, injury or simply getting older.

Most people assume breathing is controlled automatically, like our heartbeat, but the truth is that we need to learn how to breathe well.

New research has shown that exercising and strengthening the muscles we use to breathe in - the inspiratory muscles - can help reduce breathlessness and can also alleviate the symptoms of asthma

POWERbreathe has been shown to reduce breathlessness and bring new-found freedom to people who, because of illness or advancing age, are restricted by shortness of breath. Using the laboratory-proven POWERbreathe training system of 30 BREATHS TWICE A DAY, the strength of your breathing muscles will improve rapidly. An easy-to-use, drug free, hand-held device, POWERbreathe has a controllable load for progressive exercise and is appropriate for people at all levels of fitness.

Relieves the symptoms of ASTHMA

POWERbreathe is great for asthmatics, or anyone who suffers from respiratory problems. Numerous research trials have already been conducted, examining breathlessness and respiratory muscle fatigue in many groups of people. In randomised, controlled trials, on mild / moderate asthmatics, POWERbreathe increased inspiratory muscle strength by a mean of 11% in just 3 weeks (McConnell et al., 1998) inspiratory muscle training has improved inspiratory muscle function in the following conditions:

· Spinal cord injury (Huldtgren et al., 1980, Gross et al., 1980)

· Cystic fibrosis (Sawyer et al., 1993)

· Chronic heart failure (Cahalin et al., 1997, Mancini et al., 1995)

· Neuromuscular diseases including MS (Foglio et al., 1994), Duchenne muscular dystrophy (Wanke et al., 1994)

· Heart-lung transplant patients (Ambrosino et al., 1996)

Powerbreathe Welness Plus

New for 2006, POWERbreathe Plus builds upon the design and success of POWERbreathe Classic, but incorporates the latest research and comes with advanced hi-tech design features and new benefits.

The extra power provided by POWERbreathe Wellness PLUS means easier breathing and greater comfort during any exertion. Ideal for all those with sedentary lifestyles and particularly recommended for anyone with asthma or respiratory problems.

Featuring improved airflow dynamics, POWERbreathe Wellness PLUS alleviates discomfort and breathlessness by strengthening the breathing muscles, offering a drug free solution to better breathing. Results can be seen in less than four weeks and is easier to monitor as the POWERbreathe Wellness PLUS features an easy to read resistance level indicator.

But it isn’t only for health problems. Like any under-exercised muscles, the breathing muscles become weaker without sufficient work – it’s the use-it-or-lose-it principal.

Maybe you’re just inactive or getting older, and wish to make running up stairs or after the bus easier.

POWERbreathe also helps singers, musicians and those suffering with speech problems Health problems that benefit from POWERbreathe include asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, emphysema, heart and lung problems, neuromuscular conditions, smoker’s disease (COPD) and spinal injuries.

NEW Hi-tech design features & benefits of POWERbreathe PLUS :

- Improved airflow dynamics

- Ergonomic design

- Comfortable antibacterial mouthpiece (protects against bacteria such as E.Coli and MRSA)

- Soft-touch nose clip for improved comfort and grip

- Angled handle for optimum grip

- Simple disassembly for easy cleaning

- Easy-to-read resistance level indicator for improved monitoring

- Scratch resistant

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